Aberkalns and Rotman would like to partner with you to think outside the box! We are pleased to offer Guest Workshops tailored to your needs and relevant to our expanded world. Our modules are constructed to engage anyone interested in dance, theater arts, or in developing a heightened physical awareness; from non-movers through advanced dancers.  Labanotation provides the common language and building blocks needed to connect to the essence of movement and to the physical embodiment of our own deepest truths.

Together let's personalize an experience.  Our empowering interactive participant-driven environment  promotes critical thinking, celebrates individuality and encourages excellence.  We'll find inspiration by drawing from dance styles which include: ballet, modern dance, world dance or abstract concepts unencumbered by a specific genre.

Your choice.


     • all levels of notation theory from Elementary through Advanced

     • master classes—from a single class to extended workshops or a semester

     • dance repertory

     • notation concepts or theory

     • dance history

     • improvisation using Laban's theories

     • directing works from a score

     • any notation related subject that would meet your needs

Continuing notation theory education

     for those who want to develop fluency in the system and cultivate skills in:

     • documenting movement

     • critical thinking

     • formatting manuscripts

     • making your work readable, and more…

One-on-one tutoring

     note: we can teach in-person (if local) or by video chat

Grading and checking notation materials

     • all levels of notation exams

     • scores or short phrases

     • materials for publication

     • any manuscript using Labanotation, and more…


     • complete work—of any length

     • excerpt

     • technique

     • unique gift page of notation


     • directing or setting larger or smaller works

     • assisting in rehearsals

     • coaching works set from score


We can also facilitate, advise or make recommendations regarding:

     • choosing a work

     • arranging a staging project

     • answering questions about a notation score

     • finding a stager to set your work

     • finding a coach to add the final touch


     • editing

     • speaking

     • writing articles or reviews




Contact Us

Sandra: s.aberkalns@gmail.com

Leslie: leslie.rotman@gmail.com


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