In Images:

A Professional Retrospective

Leslie and Donald Mahler taking a bow with American Ballet Theatre dancers after a performance of Antony Tudor's Offenbach in the Underworld.

University of Adelaide dancers having fun with Sandra after she staged David Parsons' The Envelope.

Louis impressing Leslie with his own notation skills!

Attending International Congress of Kinetography Laban (ICKL) Conferences

Left: Sandra with Jacqueline Challet-Haas in Tours, France

Right: Leslie with Ann Hutchinson Guest at The Ohio State University

First staging at the Paris Opera: Sandra, with PTDC dancers Christopher Gillis and Cathy McCann, staged Paul Taylor's Speaking in Tongues.

She returned a few years later, with PTDC dancer Ken Tosti, for a Tongues tune-up.

Leslie staged Laura Dean's Fire at Ballett-Frankfurt

A gift to Sandra from Labanotator, artist, and ukulele player par excellence Robin Hoffman.

Leslie with Donald Mahler and the Rose Ballet of Tokyo dancers.

Along with Kate Johnson, Sandra staged Taylor's Speaking in Tongues in a cold, snowy Milan, Italy.

Leslie teaching Charles Weidman's Brahms Waltzes to Ram Island Dance Company in Portland, Maine.


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